National media company

Project Highlights

  • Revitalization project
  • 1.5 Million square feet of space, 3,000 employees
  • Project budget $292 Million

Developed a master project plan and the phasing of design and construction packages for delivery. national-mediaDeveloped the parallel streams of base building and multiple tenant fit up projects, along with a furniture “Kit of Parts”.

The Complexities
Renovation of one million square feet of office and technical space. Infilling slabs to create 100,000 square feet of new space. Relocating 3,000 people and many technical spaces and studios. Upgrading the base building services and keeping the process separate from the tenant improvement work. Scope of work was managed through a pre-set budget and schedule. Tender packages and project phases were detailed, so design packages and construction work could overlap and proceed without creating a bottle neck amongst the design team and the building trades.

Unique Challenges
With the assistance of a consultant facilitator, clients and end users contributed to the design of their space. Employee double moves were eliminated. Department relocations were planned and executed with little impact on the day-to-day lives of the employees.